Once upon a time (lots of times, actually) a female homo sapien (alias Rebekah. sometimes known as Reeb) thought, “Hey, I’m going on a trip. I should start a blog to let people know where I am and what adventures I’m having.” One time, she actually acted on this statement . But then Google decided to link all her email accounts, and the login info for said blog got lost in the shuffle. Unable to update her blog, Reeb scrapped the idea after a couple of posts (five, to be exact).

Still, the idea to create a blogord (See what she did there? That’s blog + record.) of her travels loomed large in her mind, especially with reports of her friends’ overseas adventures reminding her of where she’d rather be.

So, with nothing new to report at the moment, Reeb turned to the pseudo-professional graphics and confusing dashboard of WordPress. There she found a suitable travel-journal-like theme and decided to write about journeys past, the life and times of a former Army brat, where she’d like to go next, and why she wants to travel in the first place.

Also, when she does get around to embarking on new adventures, she’ll have a place to blogord them.


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