Undeniable things

22 Feb

There are so many times when life is just a tantalizing hint of what I thought it would be. Times when the scenery is drabber, the food is more bland, the Northern Lights are less bright than I thought they would be. Times when maybe that was God moving me to tears…I think. But I’m not sure. Maybe lack of sleep. Quite possibly PMS.

But then there are rare times when life sneaks up and pounces with an experience that is so real, so tangible that I can’t help but soak it in with a derpy grin.

Times when the lights go out on a cloudless night and I saw the Milky Way and more stars than I ever dreamed existed.

Cathedrals…not all of them, but the first one.

The most delicious cheesecake ever.

Skipping to Victoria Station late on a spring night with nothing but a backpack for luggage.

Edinburgh…Arthur’s Seat…

Woods and lakes and rock-bordered rivers in Wisconsin.

The sun rising over a caldera in Nicaragua.

I know that all of life can’t be like that. But I want to chase that life, those undeniable things. I’m tired of living and seeing and experiencing in retrospect.

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