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03 Jan

[Another post from the late blog of two summers ago]

July1, 2011

What in the world is God thinking? I wonder that sometimes. I believe He wants me where I am, but I wish He made more sensible plans. He led me here to El Paso instead of keeping me in New York. All in all, what with my current job situation (part-time at Michaels instead of full-time in Houghton) and the cost of travel, this has proven the more expensive/less lucrative living option for the summer of the two I was considering during my last weeks of school. Definitely not sensible.
But He has provided. A job until I leave in August, time with family, the means to pay off one of my loans. And change. Somehow I think He knew that I needed a change of scenery and gave me the freedom to choose the not-as-sensible option.
Isn’t it nice that our God isn’t always sensible? Where would be the fun and adventure in life?

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