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03 Jan

[The final post from the ill-fated blogspot attempt]

August 31, 2011

So…a lot has happened in the past two-and-a-half-ish weeks. Stop 1 was Harrisburg, PA, for Hannah’s wedding. Friends, riding around in a half-packed van, beautiful bride, rain…it was a good time.
Stop 2 was training. The Camfel contract/info packet describes training as “similar to a sports camp”. Naively, I believed this statement and packed far too few work shirts. In actuality, Camfel training is more akin to boot camp than a sports camp. Getting up early, doing manual labor in the hot sun for hours, so-so food…fun times. We were outside so much that I got a tan. As in a legit tan, not just post-sunburn discoloration.

Training covered setting up frames and fabrics (frames + fabrics = projector screens); setting up projectors and speakers (hereafter referred to as A/V); and evening sessions on the finer points of doing intros and conclusions, troubleshooting, and filling out monthly paperwork.

Most evenings, the worn-out trainees collapsed into bed not long after evening sessions. When free time and energy coincided, we played games, watched movies, talked, and went on self-guided field trips. I went into downtownL.A. twice. The second time, I and the two girls I went with (we were awesome) actually made it down to Grauman’s Chinese Theater. We sighted many a famous character (no celebs, though), including Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Spiderman, Tinker Bell, the Mad Hatter, Shrek, Uncle Sam (black), Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Freddy and Jason, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip, and Charlie Chaplin. Other highlights were stopping every yard or so to take pictures of stars on the walk of fame, stepping on the hand and footprints in front of the theater, and eating a ginormous cupcake at Crumbs.
Downside to the L.A. area: traffic. The only time there isn’t traffic is certain times on Sunday. I wouldn’t mind living in L.A. if I didn’t have to drive.

Hangin' with the cool footprints

Hangin’ with the cool footprints

Photo op with the Chinese theater, like a good little tourist

Photo op with the Chinese theater, like a good little tourist

Cupcakes are hilarious. And delicious.

Cupcakes are hilarious. And delicious.

In summary, training was a hard but good experience. There was more than one time I wanted to quit. I credit God with causing me to finish.

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