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The new year’s note

Salut, tout le monde!

C’est un nouvel an, le…*ahem* pardon my French. Hello, world! It’s a new year, the third day of it to be precisely exact, and I thought I’d start things off by taking a leaf out of my dad’s book and sharing a spiritual thought.

I’ve been reading through the pentateuch of late and came across the following verses:

“Throughout all their journeys, whenever the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the people of Israel would set out. But if the cloud was not taken up, then they did not set out till the day that it was taken up. For the cloud of the Lord was on the tabernacle by day, and fire was in it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel throughout all their journeys.”  Exodus 40:36-38

The description seems pretty straightforward, and I’ve no doubt read it several times without thinking much about it. This year, though, it stood out to me as a reminder to keep God in view at all times and an assurance that His eternal presence is my guide. Not a particularly new and strange revelation, I know. However, having spent the past 6 months waiting for the cloud to be “taken up” and not receiving any grand indication that it has done so, I find myself reassured that figuring out where (or if) God is leading me to go can be as simple as watching. It is also encouraging to be reminded that wherever God leads me to stay or go, His Presence is there, too.

So, here’s to a year of watching and walking, but never alone.

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An update

[The final post from the ill-fated blogspot attempt]

August 31, 2011

So…a lot has happened in the past two-and-a-half-ish weeks. Stop 1 was Harrisburg, PA, for Hannah’s wedding. Friends, riding around in a half-packed van, beautiful bride, rain…it was a good time.
Stop 2 was training. The Camfel contract/info packet describes training as “similar to a sports camp”. Naively, I believed this statement and packed far too few work shirts. In actuality, Camfel training is more akin to boot camp than a sports camp. Getting up early, doing manual labor in the hot sun for hours, so-so food…fun times. We were outside so much that I got a tan. As in a legit tan, not just post-sunburn discoloration.

Training covered setting up frames and fabrics (frames + fabrics = projector screens); setting up projectors and speakers (hereafter referred to as A/V); and evening sessions on the finer points of doing intros and conclusions, troubleshooting, and filling out monthly paperwork.

Most evenings, the worn-out trainees collapsed into bed not long after evening sessions. When free time and energy coincided, we played games, watched movies, talked, and went on self-guided field trips. I went into downtownL.A. twice. The second time, I and the two girls I went with (we were awesome) actually made it down to Grauman’s Chinese Theater. We sighted many a famous character (no celebs, though), including Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Spiderman, Tinker Bell, the Mad Hatter, Shrek, Uncle Sam (black), Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Freddy and Jason, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip, and Charlie Chaplin. Other highlights were stopping every yard or so to take pictures of stars on the walk of fame, stepping on the hand and footprints in front of the theater, and eating a ginormous cupcake at Crumbs.
Downside to the L.A. area: traffic. The only time there isn’t traffic is certain times on Sunday. I wouldn’t mind living in L.A. if I didn’t have to drive.

Hangin' with the cool footprints

Hangin’ with the cool footprints

Photo op with the Chinese theater, like a good little tourist

Photo op with the Chinese theater, like a good little tourist

Cupcakes are hilarious. And delicious.

Cupcakes are hilarious. And delicious.

In summary, training was a hard but good experience. There was more than one time I wanted to quit. I credit God with causing me to finish.

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A list

[4th post from the summer-before-last blog]

August 4, 2011

Things I’m looking forward to in the next two weeks/4 months:

-trees! (if you’ve been to the Southwest, you’ll understand)
-friends (“This is the time of life when you either get married, or you die.”)
-hotel samples (free stuff!)
-rain (there’s gotta be some somewhere in this country…)
-wearing a sweatshirt (even if it doesn’t happen for a month or so)
-driving (“life is a highway…”)
-changing scenery (“I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder.”)
-new experiences (“Dr. Jackson is going to die when he sees this!” “What, again?”)
-traveling by van, not by airplane (a journey of a couple thousand miles starts with a delay at O’Hare…)
-taking pictures (oh no, I’m my father’s daughter after all!)
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A conundrum

[Post #3 from the blog-that-was and is no longer accessible]

August 4, 2011

I have recently been confronted with and once again failed to answer one of life’s great mysteries: How does one pack light? The answer seems simple: Just pack what you need. But how do I know what I will need? A hundred different situations could arise, each requiring its own unique combination of clothing, toiletry items, electronics chargers, and miscellany. And though I’m not a boy scout, I like to be as prepared as possible whenever possible. So, I sit in the El Paso airport knowing I probably packed too much. As usual. Any enlightenment on this dilemma would be appreciated.

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In the meantime…

[Another post from the late blog of two summers ago]

July1, 2011

What in the world is God thinking? I wonder that sometimes. I believe He wants me where I am, but I wish He made more sensible plans. He led me here to El Paso instead of keeping me in New York. All in all, what with my current job situation (part-time at Michaels instead of full-time in Houghton) and the cost of travel, this has proven the more expensive/less lucrative living option for the summer of the two I was considering during my last weeks of school. Definitely not sensible.
But He has provided. A job until I leave in August, time with family, the means to pay off one of my loans. And change. Somehow I think He knew that I needed a change of scenery and gave me the freedom to choose the not-as-sensible option.
Isn’t it nice that our God isn’t always sensible? Where would be the fun and adventure in life?

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Where to next?

[Here be a post from that blog I tried to start summer before last but gave up on after google combined all my accounts and funkiness ensued. Yes, I’m adding more posts to this blog by sort of cheating. Part of the proceeding entry applies to where I am now, though. So I’m not really cheating.]

June 24, 2011

The title of this post has been the question of the month for…well, two months now. To stay in Texas, or not to stay in Texas, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the stings and burns of outrageous insects/plants, or to take arms against a sea of sunburns, and by vacating end them. For now, I’m going with option B.

For those who don’t know yet, I’ve taken a job as a multi-media technician (fancy term for driver/grunt/projector setter-upper) with Camfel Productions. Starting in August, I’ll be driving around a 5-state region with another female technician showing a 40-minute video (produced by Camfel) at school assemblies. We’ll mostly be living in hotels and get to go sight-seeing during our time off. I probably shouldn’t be this psyched about living out of a van for the school year, but I’m super excited!

Sooo, since my internet access may be spotty come August, I’m jumping on the “I’m starting a blog to update multiple people at once/I feel lazy” bandwagon (no offense to other bloggers. That’s just my reason). Stay tuned for the adventures of Reeb and the Unfortunate Soul Who Ends Up Touring With Her.

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